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~ Spring to Life!© Retreat Day – Book NOW! or call 973-204-8232.

≈ Let it Go to Let it GROW! 

Release, Restore & Let Your Spirit Soar!

  Feeling stuck in a rut & ready for a breath of fresh air?
Take a day to enjoy the beauty of spring & renew yourself!


~ Other Spring ProgramsBook this program for your group or organization NOW!  Call 973-204-8232.

    BLOOM to Your Full Potential!

      If you’ve spent your life as a bud just waiting to bloom, it’s not too late…

      Come Alive… Mind, Body & Spirit… and live life to the fullest!

      Your time is NOW!


~~~~~ Refresh Your Spirit! ~~~~~

         Come Alive… Mind, Body & Soul!

         Feeling bogged down with the Stressors of Life?
Take a day for yourself to Reflect, Restore & Let Your Spirit Soar!


~ Joyful Harvest!© Retreat  –  Book this program for your group or organization NOW!  Call 973-204-8232.

   ⇒⇒Embrace the Colors of Change!⇐⇐

      Learn how to make the most of change to bring renewed vibrancy and

      abundance to your life!

      You’ll say Bring it on!”


~ Give Stress a Rest© …

      to Add Joy & Vitality to Your Everyday Living!

 ~ Write to Heal© Series

~ Customized Programs

       No need to compromise your organization’s specific needs…

       Laura can design a program that is just the right fit for you!