REGISTER NOW for 10-12-19 Life Mapping Retreat Day… Create a Road Map to Your Ideal Life!

REGISTER NOW for 10-12-19 Life Mapping Retreat Day… Create a Road Map to Your Ideal Life! Create a Life Map… Your GPS to a Happier Life!

Has your life been all over the map with no clear direction? Been longing to explore some new horizons in life? Guidance is here with Life Mapping!
Join me on Saturday, October 12, 2019 for my 7th Annual Joyful Harvest Retreat Day… Create a Road Map to Your Ideal Life! at the magnificent Star Lake at the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains in Bloomingdale, NJ.

Take a day for yourself to Let Stress Go, rediscover your passions, and pursue new paths that will bring you closer to the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself. Open your mind to new life paths with Mind Mapping techniques. Then map out the route to your Ideal Life by creating a Life Mapyour Goal Pursuing System to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life!

REGISTER TODAY… Happiness is on The Horizon!

REGISTER NOW – How to Bring Your Dreams to Life 10-6-18 Retreat Day

Are the DREAMS for your life lost in the clouds?

Now they can finally take flight!

REGISTER NOW for my 10-6-18 Joyful Harvest Retreat Day at the magnificent Star Lake to discover How to Bring Your Dreams to Life!

Life flies by… you deserve a day just for you to re-energize your passions and the dreams for your life that have been waiting for you.  Discover simple tools to re-energize your intentions, connect to your power, and create a well thought-out plan to manifest your dreams and finally go where they take you!

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Awaken your senses and learn awareness techniques to

let go of stress and improve all of your relationships & enrich your life!

Let It GO to Let It GROW at 4-22 Spring to Life Retreat Day!


Breathe FRESH AIR into YOUR Life at my 4-22 Spring to Life Retreat!

SPRING IS IN THE AIR!  The SUN is shining, the BIRDS are singing, and SPRING is finally springing!  Time to open the windows and let some FRESH AIR into YOUR life!  Join me at my 4-22 Spring to Life Retreat Day and LET IT GO to LET IT GROW!

On Earth Day… what a perfect way to celebrate the RENEWAL of the Earth and YOU at the glorious STAR LAKE in Bloomingdale, NJ!  They’ll be lots of spring buds and blossoms to welcome you and BREATHE NEW LIFE into your being!
Ahh… it’s been a long winter… you deserve a day just for you to get out of that rut…
Discover practices to FREE YOUR MIND of worry and stress…
and REIGNITE the JOY and VITALITY within YOU!
It is there for each of us if we take the time to nurture it.

REGISTER TODAY at and begin to let the SUNSHINE IN!

Seating is limited so early sign up is highly recommended.

 Looking forward to a FRESH START with you!