Be an Early Bird & Think SPRING!

Be an Early Bird & Think SPRING!

I spotted a ROBIN today… SPRING is on its way!

Are you READY?

Photo of Early Bird LI
©1-28-16 Photo & Post by Laura E. Graziano.

Start thinking about what SEEDS you want to PLANT in your garden & your life!

This ROBIN knows a few things.  Her instinct is telling her just where and when to start planning her spring nest… and she is here in the snow setting the stage.

Like the ROBIN, it’s not too early to ruminate on where your HEART is calling you next.  As the days grow longer, help your PASSIONS to grow stronger.  Allow your thoughts to flow where your HEART wants to GO

I’m happy to announce another way for you to do so… Save the Date on your calendar for Saturday, April 23, my 4th Annual SPRING TO LIFE Retreat… a perfect day to REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT & Nurture Your Dreams!  More info to come from The Coach that Cares!