Ready for a breath of fresh air in your life?
Ahh… Think cool… Think Fall… Think about FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE!  Imagine waking up every day in love with the life you’re living…


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Take a day to reflect and enjoy the vibrant fall colors, refresh, and reconnect to what you love in life.  Let go of what no longer serves you, and learn simple daily rituals and tools to bring true meaning and joy to your precious life!  Plus share great food, music, and fun activities with great folks!

Put a little LOVE into YOUR LIFE… and you’ll create a LIFE YOU‘LL LOVE LIVING!
Wishing you LOVE,


A Great Day with NJ Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno

A great day with NJ Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno…

Lt Gov Kim Guadagno and Laura Graziano LI

It was wonderful speaking with fellow presenter Kim Guadagno, NJ Lieutenant Governor, at the NJ Association of Women Business Owners–NJAWBO 4/20/16 Statewide Annual Spring Conference about the many exciting opportunities for women business owners in NJ!  We are pictured together here.

What an honor it was for me to be in such good company, and to present my talk, “Secrets to Building RICHER Relationships that Result in RICHER Sales!”  With all the technology at our fingertips today, our strongest selling tool is still nurturing the person-to-person connection.

What a great day this was for women in business to nurture those person-to-person connections!

Hit YOUR Refresh Button!

You do SO MUCH for SO MANY!  Now it’s YOUR TURN

Hit Refresh Button LI

Join me on Saturday, 4/23, for a BLOOMING Spring day at the picturesque STAR LAKE in Bloomingdale.  Reflect, Restore Your Spirit, Enjoy Nature, Have FUN, and Breathe in NEW LIFE!  Discover how to wash away worry and bring more joy and meaning to your daily living!


REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT! at my 4/23 Spring to Life Retreat Day… and bring out the AWESOME in YOU!

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See you there!

March into April with Cheer!


MARCH is going out like a LION

a cheerful yellow DandeLION!



It’s SPRING… you DESERVE a day to yourself to Contemplate & Create HAPPY NEWNESS in Your Life!  The longer, warmer days are here to Entice the Spirit!

It’s time to bring RENEWED JOY & EXCITEMENT to Your Precious Life!

Join me on 4/23 to REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT! at my Spring to Life Retreat Day.  Star Lake will be BURSTING with NEW LIFE… and so will YOU!  Register early to save… go to  www.lauragraziano.com .



What’s BUDDING in You?

What’s BUDDING in You?

On my walk this morning, I noticed signs of Spring BUDDING all around me…

DAFFODILS bursting forth, ROBINS bustling to build their nests, TREES showing off their bright new green… and ME.

 Spring Buds EM

 SPRING reminds us that it’s time to start BUDDING something NEW in our lives, too!

Join in the SYMPHONY of SPRING!  New experiences make life VIBRANT, EXCITING & FULFILLING!

So get started today… try something NEW!

I’m going to try Watercolor
What about YOU?

 REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT! with me on 4/23 at my Spring to Life! Retreat Day… a perfect way to Breathe NEW LIFE into YOUR LIFE!  Register today at www.lauragraziano.com .

Spring Blessings to the NEW You!


Create Your OWN Luck!

Create your OWN Luck!

Why leave Your FATE in the hands of a Leprechaun?  

  Create Your Own Luck LI

Create Your Own LUCK by following Your Own RAINBOW


Use this as the FUEL to PROPEL You Forward toward Your Own PERSONAL GOALSYour POT of GOLD!


A few Coaching Sessions or my upcoming 4/23 SPRING to LIFE Retreat Day…
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Keep going for THE GOLD!


LEAPING as HIGH as you can?

Are you LEAPING as HIGH as you can?

Leap year may come only once every four years…
but EVERY DAY is a NEW opportunity for you to be LEAPING HIGHER than the day before.

Photo of Leaping High LI

One day has a way of turning into the next month… the next year..

Don’t let FEAR separate you from YOUR DREAMS.

REACH for the SKY!

Take the first step… REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT with me on 4/23 at my Spring to Life Retreat Day, and RENEW You & Your Dreams!  Go to www.lauragraziano.com today to reserve your spot!  Don’t wait for the next Leap Year!

You’ve got THE POWER now… LEAP!!!

With the


Inspiring NEWS!

Inspiring NEWS!

I was so honored to be in the NEWS for INSPIRING a wonderful group at Crane’s Mill to keep bringing NEWNESS into their lives… at any age or stage of life!

Through my IN WITH THE NEW! Program, I was pleased to share some of my Dad’s 105 years of wisdom, and these awesome folks had plenty of their own wisdom to share, too!   

Photo of In the NEWS LI

CRANE’S MILL is such a warm, welcoming community for people 60 and up!  Check it out for you or a loved one.  Here I am sharing a smile with Vice President & Executive Director Chad Murin.

Does your group or organization need a BOOST of INSPIRATION?  I would be happy to design just the right program for you or your group to EXCELL!  Now that’s Inspiring NEWS!




Lead with Your Heart!

Lead with Your Heart!

As we honor our Presidents, let’s think about how important our LEADERS are to us.

Each STEPPED UP to serve with their Time, Talent & HEART… facing fear and criticism for a GREATER GOOD.

 Photo of Lead with Your Heart LI

Each of US is called to LEAD, too, in our own way… as a parent, friend, business person, or member of a group or organization.  On your walk of life, listen to where your heart is calling you to venture out of your circle of comfort and focus on a vision greater than yourself.  Then take the first step… and don’t look back!

Need some help getting started?  The COACH that CARES will help you BREAK THROUGH the barriers & take the next step towards a MORE MEANINGFUL LIFE!  Schedule a few Coaching Sessions or REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT on 4/23 at my Spring to Life Retreat Day!  Register now at www.lauragraziano.com to reserve your spot.

STEP UPStep Outside of Yourselfand Let Your HEART Lead the Way!


With HEARTfelt Wishes,


Give Warmth for Valentine’s Day

Give Warmth for Valentine’s Day…

 Photo of Give Warmth for Valentines Day LI

Today I was touched by the kindness of a dear friend…

On her way into work on this frigid morning, she observed a homeless man sitting on the cold sidewalk surrounded by plastic garbage bags for warmth.

Observing his bluish hands, she was moved to remove her brand new black velvet gloves & place them over his hands.

Thank you, dear Barbara, for giving from the warmth of your heart and for reminding me what it truly means to be a Valentine!

REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT with me on 4/23 at my Spring to Life Retreat Day & Renew Your Heart & SoulThe warmth of Spring is right around the corner… Register now to reserve your spot at www.lauragraziano.com .

Wishing you a Warm & Wonderful Valentine’s Day!