Excited to present at Women Leaders in Action 4-14-18 Press for Progress Women’s Empowerment Brunch

Excited to present at Women Leaders in Action Press for Progress Women’s Empowerment Brunch…

BLOOM to Your Full Potential by Bringing PASSION to Your Profession!

for Women Leaders in Action Press for Progress

Women’s Empowerment & Professional Development Brunch

JOIN US for this uplifting day on 4-14-18!

Go to www.empowerwomenforsuccess.org

REGISTER NOW: 7 Steps to Mindfulness 4-21-18 Retreat Day


Step off the treadmill of life & join me on Saturday, 4-21-18, at the magnificent Star Lake for my

6th Annual Spring to Life Retreat Day


Awaken your senses and learn awareness techniques to

take your life from STRESSED to BLESSED!

Let It GO to Let It GROW at 4-22 Spring to Life Retreat Day!


Breathe FRESH AIR into YOUR Life at my 4-22 Spring to Life Retreat!

SPRING IS IN THE AIR!  The SUN is shining, the BIRDS are singing, and SPRING is finally springing!  Time to open the windows and let some FRESH AIR into YOUR life!  Join me at my 4-22 Spring to Life Retreat Day and LET IT GO to LET IT GROW!

On Earth Day… what a perfect way to celebrate the RENEWAL of the Earth and YOU at the glorious STAR LAKE in Bloomingdale, NJ!  They’ll be lots of spring buds and blossoms to welcome you and BREATHE NEW LIFE into your being!
Ahh… it’s been a long winter… you deserve a day just for you to get out of that rut…
Discover practices to FREE YOUR MIND of worry and stress…
and REIGNITE the JOY and VITALITY within YOU!
It is there for each of us if we take the time to nurture it.

REGISTER TODAY at www.lauragraziano.com and begin to let the SUNSHINE IN!

Seating is limited so early sign up is highly recommended.

 Looking forward to a FRESH START with you!

Seek Shining Moments

Seek Shining Moments!


When was the last time you experienced a SHINING MOMENT when you felt really GOOD about some GOOD you’ve done or accomplished?  Perhaps you simply made someone’s day better by truly listening or went the extra mile on someone else’s behalf.  Each SHINING MOMENT you create makes your HEART LIGHT shine that much brighter!  Seek to SHINE!

Laura… The COACH that CARES can help you seek your BEST & BRIGHTEST LIFE now!


 Ready for a breath of fresh air in your life?
Ahh… Think cool… Think Fall… Think about FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE!  Imagine waking up every day in love with the life you’re living…


Join me at my Joyful Harvest RETREAT DAY on Sat., 10/1, at the magnificent Star Lake in Bloomingdale to discover How to Fall in Love with Your Life!  Register now as seating is limited… www.lauragraziano.com .

Take a day to reflect and enjoy the vibrant fall colors, refresh, and reconnect to what you love in life.  Let go of what no longer serves you, and learn simple daily rituals and tools to bring true meaning and joy to your precious life!  Plus share great food, music, and fun activities with great folks!

Put a little LOVE into YOUR LIFE… and you’ll create a LIFE YOU‘LL LOVE LIVING!
Wishing you LOVE,


Hit YOUR Refresh Button!

You do SO MUCH for SO MANY!  Now it’s YOUR TURN

Hit Refresh Button LI

Join me on Saturday, 4/23, for a BLOOMING Spring day at the picturesque STAR LAKE in Bloomingdale.  Reflect, Restore Your Spirit, Enjoy Nature, Have FUN, and Breathe in NEW LIFE!  Discover how to wash away worry and bring more joy and meaning to your daily living!


REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT! at my 4/23 Spring to Life Retreat Day… and bring out the AWESOME in YOU!

It’s just a week away! 
REGISTER today at www.lauragraziano.com

Go ahead… Hit YOUR REFRESH Button!!!
See you there!

March into April with Cheer!


MARCH is going out like a LION

a cheerful yellow DandeLION!



It’s SPRING… you DESERVE a day to yourself to Contemplate & Create HAPPY NEWNESS in Your Life!  The longer, warmer days are here to Entice the Spirit!

It’s time to bring RENEWED JOY & EXCITEMENT to Your Precious Life!

Join me on 4/23 to REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT! at my Spring to Life Retreat Day.  Star Lake will be BURSTING with NEW LIFE… and so will YOU!  Register early to save… go to  www.lauragraziano.com .



What’s BUDDING in You?

What’s BUDDING in You?

On my walk this morning, I noticed signs of Spring BUDDING all around me…

DAFFODILS bursting forth, ROBINS bustling to build their nests, TREES showing off their bright new green… and ME.

 Spring Buds EM

 SPRING reminds us that it’s time to start BUDDING something NEW in our lives, too!

Join in the SYMPHONY of SPRING!  New experiences make life VIBRANT, EXCITING & FULFILLING!

So get started today… try something NEW!

I’m going to try Watercolor
What about YOU?

 REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT! with me on 4/23 at my Spring to Life! Retreat Day… a perfect way to Breathe NEW LIFE into YOUR LIFE!  Register today at www.lauragraziano.com .

Spring Blessings to the NEW You!