Be an Early Bird & Think SPRING!

Be an Early Bird & Think SPRING!

I spotted a ROBIN today… SPRING is on its way!

Are you READY?

Photo of Early Bird LI
©1-28-16 Photo & Post by Laura E. Graziano.

Start thinking about what SEEDS you want to PLANT in your garden & your life!

This ROBIN knows a few things.  Her instinct is telling her just where and when to start planning her spring nest… and she is here in the snow setting the stage.

Like the ROBIN, it’s not too early to ruminate on where your HEART is calling you next.  As the days grow longer, help your PASSIONS to grow stronger.  Allow your thoughts to flow where your HEART wants to GO

I’m happy to announce another way for you to do so… Save the Date on your calendar for Saturday, April 23, my 4th Annual SPRING TO LIFE Retreat… a perfect day to REFRESH YOUR SPIRIT & Nurture Your Dreams!  More info to come from The Coach that Cares!


Reflect on the HIGHLIGHTS of Your Week

Reflect on the HIGHLIGHTS of Your Week …

What were the HIGHLIGHTS of Your Week?
Photo of Highlight of Week 2 LI

Every Friday, set aside a few minutes to REFLECT ON the HAPPENINGS & HIGHLIGHTS of YOUR WEEK.

You’ll come away with with some GREAT WAYS to TWEAK the UPCOMING WEEK!

Then RELAX & enjoy your weekend… just the right FUEL for the week ahead!

The HIGHLIGHT of my week was delivering my IN WITH THE NEW Program to the wonderful folks at Crane’s Mill Retirement Community in West Caldwell.  What a warm and welcoming community for those 60 and up.  Here I am with Executive Director, Chad Murin.  I am so thankful for the privilege to INSPIRE others to be BETTER than they were the day before at any age or stage!

I’d love to help you or your group, too, with an INSPIRATIONAL PROGRAM or a bit of COACHING to help MAKE YOUR NEW YEAR’S WISHES COME TRUE!

TGIF & Happy Weekend to You! 🙂



Snow Plans = No Plans = Perfect Time to Plan

Snow Plans = No Plans = Perfect Time to Plan!

As the snowflakes fall, TURN OFF the TV, and PUT ON your THINKING CAP.

It’s the Perfect Time TO PLAN!

Photo of Snow Plans LI2

What are your Snow Plans?  

What are you feeling PASSIONATE about achieving?

Set some GOALS for yourself… be SPECIFIC & REALISTIC.

Then come up with a few SIMPLE ACTION STEPS you can take to get started right away.

By SPRING you’ll be in FULL SWING!

With a bit of help from The COACH that CARES, you can be on your way!  Laura can help you or your group to Bring YOUR BEST to LIFE!

Be Safe & Let the SNOWFLAKES FALL!



Dream it… DO IT!

Photo of Dream it LI

Dream it… DO IT!!!

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a DREAM much larger than himself.  What about you?
How can you use YOUR GIFTS to improve OUR WORLD?

If you can Dream it… you can DO IT!

Having trouble getting started?  Sign up for a program or a few Coaching Sessions to put your DREAMS in MOTION!

How to get MOTIVATED after the Holidays

How to get MOTIVATED after the Holidays …

Having trouble getting back IN GEAR after the holidays and MOTIVATING YOURSELF for what you want to ACCOMPLISH in the year ahead?

Photo of CHEER Leader

You need a CHEER LEADER!

Find a trusted friend, mentor or coach to CHEER YOU ON… someone who believes in you and will remind you to keep reaching for your GOALS and ways to ACHIEVE them.

Plus, celebrating the WINS is always better with a BUDDY!

And pay it forward… BE a CHEER LEADER, too!!!

Get MOTIVATED… Get Ready, Get Set & Go for your GOALS in 2016…

Sign up for a few Coaching Sessions to get started or bring one of Laura’s Motivational Programs to your group or organization.

Gooooooo …….  Y-O-U!!!