SHOW Your Inner GLOW!

Sometimes it’s a bit SCARY to let others see what’s DEEP inside.

Photo of Jack O Lantern

Get rid of all the Seeds of Doubt and Negativity that are Dimming your future…
Allow your BRIGHTEST LIGHT to shine through!!!
Find a “Cheerleader”  a trusted friend, mentor or coach that sees the SPARK in you and helps you to keep it GROWING and GLOWING!
Carve out your HAPPIEST Halloween and Life!
Wishing you “TREATS” always,

Enjoy the View of the New YOU!

Photo of Star Lake LI

Join me at the magnificent Star Lake on 10/24/15 to EMBRACE THE COLORS OF CHANGE! … a 1-Day FALL RETREAT to Discover More JOY, PASSION & PURPOSE inside of YOU!

Whatever Season of Life you’re in… you can still live it to the FULLEST!  Take a day to refresh yourself… shake off the Goblins in your life… learn ways to de-stress and create positive new energy for change in your precious life!  You have so much beauty inside of you just waiting to shine through!


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Can’t wait to share the Blessings of Autumn with YOU!


Use the STAR POWER inside of YOU!!!

Photo of Grafitti Star LI

This Graffiti by CAITO really caught my eye on the boardwalk in Asbury Park recently.  It really made me think about all the beautiful colors that we carry within ourselves and often the world only gets to see small glimpses of because of our own self-sabotaging behaviors.

Always look for opportunities to Let Your Own Unique LIGHT SHINE through in all you say and do.
Never diminish yourself or feel you are not good enough, attractive enough, thin enough…  just STOP! 
Unleash yourself from all those limitations… allow yourself to live your TRUTH and let it RADIATE straight from your HEARTYou will SPARKLE from the inside out!
The more you use this POWERFUL Force… Your STAR POWER… the more people will notice a difference in you… a REAL BEAUTY that comes from allowing your authentic self to show.  You will find new doors opening for you, a new-found confidence in your own talents and abilities, and true joy and vitality for life!
Shine like the STAR that You ARE!
Start today by Creating a Life You’ll LOVE… Give the gift of change to yourself!  Sign up or book one of my life-changing programs or schedule some time with a Coach that Cares.  Contact or call 973-204-8232. 

Discover a Whole New YOU!

Photo of Discover LI

Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue to DISCOVER a Whole New World!  No need to go that far… Join me on 10/24 to EMBRACE THE COLORS OF CHANGE!a 1-Day FALL RETREAT to Discover More JOY, PASSION & PURPOSE inside of YOU!  Early Price extended to 10/12. Register Now .  Programs & Coaching to Help You Create Your BEST Life!